Welcome to PSA Genova Pra''s New Online Portal

This is the area dedicated to all port operators having a cooperation agreement with the PSA GP Terminal. Access is subject to registration to our database. In case you are interested in benefiting from this service and you are not yet registered, here you will find the complete registration procedure.
The Portal allows you to view countless operational information about containers and ships as well as the possibility to extract reports customized to your needs.

Manuals are available to assist users. If necessary, you can report problems or submit requests for assistance via the email address: info.vte@globalpsa.com

Welcome back to the already established users and welcome to new users, we wish everyone a good navigation from www.psagp.it

Terminal “Status" situation open/closed due to wind

The Auxiliary Services Tariff in force as of 1 January 2023 is here available. Click here to download the document.

Dear Haulier,
for easier management of your operations:

  • you can use this New Portal with the info shown at the top of this page
  • PSAGP has provided the Mobile App "dedicated to road haulage" for bookings at the freight office, reducing queues to a minimum, which you can download directly to your phone from this page.
  • PSAGP recently implemented the Mobile App with a new function for the management of " empties" with the TAS-Totem Mobile button where it is no longer necessary to make an appointment and the interchange will be provided in electronic version.
  • We remind you that the app works with your ADSP issued Badge to which you must be registered.
  • Here you can find the main security rules inside the PSAGP Terminal
  • Here you can find the main security rules applied in the PSAGP Terminal for Covid-19 management
  • Here you can find the sum up of general regulations inside the Terminal – Information about risks – Art. 26 D.LGS. 81/2008

We kindly ask you to follow the instructions for the safety of all workers.

ATTENTION! Please remind that the new procedure to access port areas is in force. If you have a Full Import or Export prenotification issued by E-PORT (Port Community System), but NO Reefer NO Imo NO Empty ask for terminal entrance to CSP office. If the result of the entrance request is “OK” then print the Interchange at Totem and afterwards go to the gate. Here you can find the disclosure document.


Enjoy your work and have a good day at www.psagp.it